Renaissance Capital goes live with Gatelab tech

Source: Gatelab

Gatelab, the multi-asset electronic trading systems provider and part of London Stock Exchange Group, is pleased to announce the successful go-live of Renaissance Capital with three new products:

· MICEX SELT: HFTS pre-trade Risk Gateways for FX
· FORTS: HFTS pre-trade Risk Gateways for Futures
· Post-TradeCross Asset Margining Module for Equities, Futures and FX.

These products complete Renaissance Capital's full coverage of all Russian liquidity and LSE International Order Book (IOB) stocks through one consolidated ultra-lowlatency platform, allowing the cross-asset margining of stocks and futures, and FX positions, in one account.

Stefano Falciani, Managing Director at GATElab said: "With the addition of the MICEX and FORTS HFTS Gateways, GATELab has enabled Renaissance Capital to offer its customers a complete electronic trading suite to invest on Russian capital markets, with unprecedented latency numbers and with post-trading cross-asset margining in real time. We are very proud to be able to assist and to give added value to Renaissance Capital in its technological effort to confirm its leadership on the Russian capital markets".

Damian Bunce CEO, Electronic Trading Group at Renaissance Capital said: "These products mark the completion of phase one of our strategy to be the de facto standard in sophisticated prime brokerage and ultra-high-speed access to Russia's capital markets. By combining all market access and risk provision through a single solution we reduce support complexity, cost, and time to market, and at the same time improve reliability and scalability". 

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