Trillium upgrades software

Source: Trillium Software

Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE:HHS) and a leading provider of Total Data Quality solutions, has delivered the latest version of the Trillium Software System.

This newly-released and immediately available data quality solution provides business leaders with improved access to the critical information and data required for a multitude of risk, compliance and business applications. Designed to identify and understand information for a variety of industry-centric business processes, Trillium Software's new release has shown market acceptance and unique value for a range of risk management and compliance initiatives that are critical to how companies do business.

Trillium Software solutions sit at the intersection of business processes, subject matter expertise and data quality management. The company's data quality platform enables business managers to assume the lead role in defining the types of data that are important and how it needs to be represented in order for them to be successful. The combination of Trillium Software's industry-leading data quality solution, coupled with deep financial and insurance subject matter expertise, as well as years of data quality process knowledge, provides clients with a platform for long-term business process improvements in key vertical markets.

"Now, more than ever, organizations understand the impact of both structured and unstructured data on the decision-making process that is key to improved business performance," said Stephen Applebaum, senior analyst, property & casualty insurance, Aite Group. "Trillium Software has provided a platform that delivers real business benefits for a broad range of critical processes, including those that help insurance companies reduce claims costs, increase customer retention and improve operational efficiency."

Data quality problems represent real business concerns and line-of-business managers, along with their IT counterparts, are stepping up to better understand how poor data quality manifests itself within industry-specific business processes. In two time-sensitive business processes, the Foreign Account Tax Compmpliance Act (FATCA) (in which identifying indicia is key to accurate reporting) and in insurance claims processes/systems (in which free form text analysis is vital to speeding claims settlement and improving claims outcomes), high quality information is essential.

"Today, more and more of our clients are from the business side of an organization, not just the internal IT department, and they tell us they can't get access to nearly half of the information that is critical to their decision-making processes," said Len Dubois, chief marketing officer at Trillium Software. "We have designed the latest version of the Trillium Software System to give business leaders access to that data, both structured and unstructured. Today's version of our solution is the perfect balance of IT functionality and business benefit. In data governance and high volume, data intensive-business applications, data due diligence is imperative to success."

New data visualization capabilities in the Trillium Software System enable business executives and managers to visually understand the impact of data quality on their business processes through reporting and business intelligence. Complete business rule integration between profiling and cleansing, and more detailed rule prioritization and search, enable business leaders to clearly define and customize rules for compliance with specific regulations or processes. Expanded global data support, security, and usability enhancements provide the business with the flexibility to access a variety of data types - from globally-distributed sources - and process both unstructured and structured data points from documents such as insurance claims adjuster notes.

Dubois goes on to say, "Our newest release uniquely positions Trillium Software to solve today's most difficult information challenges while also promoting a more collaborative environment between IT and business executives. As a result, IT can concentrate on moving data through many channels including mobile devices, the cloud, data centers and third party data sources, while giving business leaders the ability to make decisions based on a full universe of data. This is a Trillium Software core competency and we are confident that we deliver on it better than anyone else." 

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