Objective Corporation launches content management system for financial firms

Source: Objective Corporation

Financial organisations caught between increasing competition, increasing compliance and increasingly demanding customers now have an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that delivers the increased productivity and reduced overheads they require to stay competitive with the launch of Objective 7.

Through intelligent consolidation and management of data from virtually any source or location Objective 7 automatically captures and files critical information so it is immediately accessible, while supporting regulatory and compliance obligations. Information is tamed and transformed so that it drives new business development and supports market development. Day to day operations are streamlined and overall efficiency increased.

Gary Fisher, CEO Europe and North America, Objective Corporation said: "Enterprise Content Management is often seen as an insurance policy of sorts within the financial sector to ensure compliance and avoid the steep fines incurred if regulations are not met. The Financial Services Association is reported as estimating that £90 million is spent on ongoing compliance costs alone. And yet the areas of business that financial services organisations want to invest in are increasing efficiency, reducing overheads and remaining competitive in a market being challenged by new contenders chasing their customers. Objective 7 can provide the compliance assurance required, but critically it is flexible and resilient enough to deliver the sought after efficiency improvements while supporting rather than slowing business development."

The way financial services organisations have to operate leads them to rely on unstructured, disparate data held in a variety of repositories. Objective 7 transforms this confusing and complex mass of seemingly random data into a vital tool that can increase sales, improve customer services and support initiatives such as new market development and online services.

Highly scalable, Objective 7 comprehensively delivers the key audit trails, reporting, content listing, content location and security demanded by this sector. This also includes Web Content Management and Objective Offline working delivers effective content management capability for mobile users.

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