QuantHouse signs Russia's BCS

Source: S&P Capital IQ

QuantHouse, S&P Capital IQ's Real Time operation and the global provider of next generation trading solutions, has partnered with the European arm of leading Russian financial institution BCS Financial Group ('BCS'), to launch low latency market data for MICEX-RTS - Russia's main equity market.

In addition, BCS is leveraging its trading infrastructure and advanced algo-trading development tools.

There is established and long-term demand among European buy-side firms, hedge funds and specialist trading firms to access the Russian market. Coupled with this, is the increasing investment in smart and cost-effective technology to exploit arbitrage opportunities that exist between the prices of securities listed on multiple venues.

"As a result of the MICEX-RTS merger, there is an even greater demand for faster and more efficient trade flows in Russia," comments Nils Jahn, Head of Prime Brokerage and CRM at BCS. "Against a backdrop of under-developed electronic trading for financial firms within the country, BCS has been at the forefront of adopting innovative products to keep both our clients and ourselves ahead of the curve. Our business has had a very successful few months in which we climbed to first position on MICEX, are now in the top three on the local FX market SELT and are in the top three on FORTS, with a strong positive trend upwards."

QuantFEED allows BCS to offer its international clients a competitive advantage in terms of market data latency by giving them the cutting-edge into the matching engine. It also opens up Russian securities to a broader investor audience with global participants being able to get Russian data through a consolidated feed. In conjunction with this, QuantLINK provides the trading infrastructure to allow the highest level performance, while the implementation of QuantFACTORY will significantly optimize each step of the automated trading development cycle, from data acquisition to alpha discovery and from back-testing to production.

"QuantHouse supplies vital tools for brokers, which facilitate access to fresh markets and enable the identification of new opportunities," added Stephane Leroy, Vice-President, Head of Global Real Time Solutions at S&P Capital IQ. "We understand that maintaining pace with competitors is key to the survival of financial firms, who are regularly limited from providing a complete offering to latency-sensitive clients by outmoded technology. Our solutions eliminate these shortfalls."

QuantFEED, the company's end-to-end ultra low latency market data feed, captures raw data from within the exchange, performs microsecond decoding and delivers normalised data through a single API (C++, Java or C#). It provides the balance between costs, development and latency, and is already utilised across the US, Europe and Asia.

QuantLINK is the ultimate trading infrastructure combining QuantHouse proprietary fiber optic network interconnecting the heart of the exchanges with proximity hosting at the source.

QuantFACTORY enables quant traders, researchers and developers at banks, hedge funds and prop desks to quickly build and deploy alpha models. The product's foundation layer provides a powerful Application Programming Interface (API), to build computerized quantitative trading systems. It handles all asset classes (futures, forex, equities and bonds etc.) and runs multiple models on different timescales at the individual user's request. 

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