Chevy Chase Bank imlements CSC integrated loans processing system

Source: Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE:CSC) today announced that Chevy Chase Bank, the largest locally owned financial institution in the greater Washington, D.C., area, has completed installation of Integrated Loans Processing (ILP), a component of CSC's Hogan Systems core banking software.

With this Hogan component in place, the bank can now provide its retail customers with consolidated, online, real-time banking along with access to all Chevy Chase Bank products, such as savings and checking accounts, CDs, money-market accounts and loans.

Integrated relationship banking, an ongoing strategic goal of the banking industry, allows customers to access and make changes to all of their accounts. As banks continue to evolve from a product focus to a customer focus, CSC's Hogan Systems technology helps banks improve customer loyalty and retention and enhance service levels.

"CSC helped us become one of the first banks to achieve true integrated relationship banking," said Robert Spicer, Chevy Chase Bank executive vice president and chief information officer. "Our latest Hogan Systems implementation completes our vision of having a deeply integrated retail banking system and champions our customer service philosophy, which is based upon providing customers with convenient, easy access to all their accounts how, when and where they want it."

CSC's Hogan Systems core banking software is an integrated suite of
applications that supports customer information, deposits, loans and cards
management. Chevy Chase Bank has already implemented Hogan's Customer
Information, Deposits, Umbrella, Online Delivery and Platform Automation

With Chevy Chase Bank's implementation of ILP, customers can access all their loan information as well as other accounts. The Hogan Systems core banking software also has enabled the bank to provide its customers with the ability to perform a wide range of transactions across all of Chevy Chase Bank's channels, such as the Internet, branch, ATM and telephone. Chevy Chase Bank also can integrate more products into its banking packages and price them to encourage customers to form multiple relationships with the bank. This relationship packaging and pricing ability supports Chevy Chase Bank's cross-selling and retention strategies.

"CSC's integrated suite of core banking applications provides Chevy Chase Bank, a Hogan Systems client for more than 15 years, with online, real-time processing," said Jeffery Schwalk, vice president and managing director of the Banking division of CSC's Financial Services Group. "The depth and breadth of our experience in financial services enables us to deliver improved business results and promote competitive advantage for our clients in retail banking."

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