CQG launches Web-based testing site

Source: CQG

CQG has released a new web-based testing site to experiment with alternate forms of data and analytics delivery to the trading industry. CQG Labs has been optimized for broad-market overviews and provides exclusive forms of information from CQG that is not available in other CQG products.

The platform leverages a cloud infrastructure to extend market data and analytics into the mobile realm.

CQG's growth strategy involves close communication with CQG Labs customers. Each new prototype will be analyzed based on customer feedback. "We want to regularly engage customers who use mobile devices to help guide development," said Marcus Kwan, Vice President of Product Strategy and Design at CQG. "On a long-term basis, we envision this as a community for traders where new applications and tools, and enhancements to existing features, come from the ground up with CQG playing the role of the facilitator, enabling such ideas to be developed."

CQG plans to evolve the testing site's content to include more creative CQG features as well as partner prototypes. The goal is to provide interesting market information to the user base from a wide variety of sources.

"CQG has a long history of partnering with clients and other industry innovators," Kwan said. "With multiple perspectives coming to the drawing board, we are able to get a bigger picture of where the industry is going to develop products and tools that truly drive change."

The cloud-hosted site is free to the public and does not require visitors to be current CQG customers. The view has been optimized to fit an iPad® in portrait mode, as well as other mobile devices. 

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