TS-Associates upgrades TipOff

Source: TS-Associates

TS-Associates, leaders in Precision Instrumentation of electronic trading systems, and developers of TipOff, Correlix and Application Tap, today announced the launch of TipOff G6 - their sixth generation Precision Instrumentation appliance.

Available with the TipOff Turbo high performance database option, TipOff G6 can correlate and store up to one million transactions per second on a single appliance.

TipOff G6 supports unrivalled capture capacity with up to 2 x 40GE, 8 x 10GE or 16 x 1GE ports supported by a single appliance, with aggregation switch options available for larger scale requirements. TipOff G6 is compatible with external time stamping features offered by all leading network tap, aggregation switch and network switch suppliers. Standards based WAN time synchronisation is supported by leveraging the latest in WAN optimised PTP hardware achieving synchronisation accuracy up to one thousand times better than standard PTP. When operated as a network packet capture appliance, TipOff G6 leverages hardware compression technology to achieve over 20Gbit sustained write to disk. TipOff's Precise Timed Replay™ capability offers reproducible precision replay of market data feeds for performance benchmarking, trading algorithm testing and tick database population.

Henry Young, TS-Associates CEO, says, "Driven by the performance requirements of some of the world's leading exchanges, TS-Associates has invested in leveraging the very latest in database and hardware technology. TipOff G6 Turbo offers a twenty fold (X20) performance gain over TipOff G5 for typical transaction latency monitoring use cases."

Steve Rodgers, TS-Associates CTO, says, "We have achieved unprecedented performance in the latest iteration of our technology, with scalability above one million transactions per second by operating multiple appliances in parallel. This in turn offers our customers exceptional value through a dramatic footprint reduction for large scale instrumentation deployments. Coupled with our tight integration with leading aggregation switch vendors, we're able to offer instrumentation solutions with unrivalled density, performance, flexibility and value." 

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