FircoSoft opens Florida office

Source: FircoSoft

FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watch list filtering solutions, announced today that it has opened a new office in Tampa, Florida to expand operations in the Americas and better serve its nearby customers.

Opening the new Tampa office will enable FircoSoft to cater to the fast-emerging industries that require cost-effective and rapidly deployable solutions to improve Customer Due Diligence. From this office in Florida, FircoSoft will also deploy its solutions for FATCA and Sanctions compliance to the banking market in the Caribbean and Central America.

"FircoSoft is committed to working closely with its customers to drive innovation and keep ahead of regulatory risk. We chose Tampa to be closer to our customers in South East U.S. and to provide a base to expand business development in the Caribbean and Central America," said Laurent Corbel, Executive Vice President, Americas Operations of FircoSoft. "Opening an office in Florida is the second step of our deployment in Latin America, which started last year when we opened an office in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Those two offices will join forces to develop our business in the region and support our customers." 

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