StreamBase launches ISV accelerator programme

Source: StreamBase

StreamBase Systems today announces the launch of the StreamBase ISV Accelerator program to help independent software vendors (ISVs) develop commercial solutions using StreamBase's award winning real-time analytic platforms.

The program consists of a specialized StreamBase ISV Toolkit for the embedded deployment of StreamBase, free embedded use for connectivity to Hadoop and enterprise messaging sources, and ISV-friendly commercial terms.

The ISV Accelerator program helps ISVs modernize and innovate by processing the new generation of data that's increasingly in motion, and is increasingly difficult to manage, such as sensor data, social media data, or data flowing from big data clusters via Hadoop. To compete, ISVs across all industries must modernize their applications and hosted services to process data that arrives in streams, and provide real-time analytics and action-driven resolution to intraday threats and opportunities.

The StreamBase ISV accelerator program is designed to allow partners to rapidly add CEP capabilities to their existing applications in order to enable customer retention and acquisition through lengthened product lifecycle, reducing the time required to add new features and simplification of real-time components.

StreamBase ISV Toolkit includes:

StreamBase Studio, including EventFlow. StreamBase's visual development environment for analytics against streaming and historical data. EventFlow has native support for operations essential for processing data in motion, including event aggregation, correlation, and temporal analytics.
An ISV connectivity package. Includes 35 connectivity options including Hadoop, enterprise messaging (JMS, ESBs, TCP/IP), alerting (SMS, email, etc.), social media data (Twitter, GNIP), and historical data (JDBC).
Embeddable product configuration packaging. The ability to run the StreamBase event-processing server as an embedded library in a partner application.

The benefit of the program is typified by Redkite Financial Markets. Founded in 2010 by two industry veterans, Justin Amos and John Edge identified a growing need for a real-time surveillance system after several decades working in investment banks in Londin London and Asia. StreamBase's rapid development environment, StreamBase Studio, enabled Redkite to bring their Redeye product to market quickly, and change it quickly - from conception to prototype in months, and to commercialization in less than 18-months. Just as importantly, StreamBase helped Redkite rapidly adapt Redeye to new customer requirements. In just 3 years since formation, with a rapidly expanding customer base, Redkite was acquired by NICE Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: NICE; TASE: NICE).

"We congratulate our partner Redkite on their success - a perfect example of combining an ISV's industry expertise with StreamBase's real-time analytics capabilities. In partnership, we're proud to have played a role in their success, and we're excited to help other ISVs achieve similar success," said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. "Key to StreamBase's ISV program is that StreamBase is easy to do business with and can accelerate time to market for new features and products, helping to retain customers and protect margins with product differentiation by embedding StreamBase's analytics platforms."

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