PointsPay updates app

Source: PointsPay

PointsPay, the world's first mobile wallet for exchanging loyalty points or miles into more than 160 currencies that can be used at 32 million merchants worldwide, is announcing updates to the PointsPay App, making it more user-friendly than ever.

The key feature of this new consumer interface is the 'Quickloader' process, enabling users to load points onto a PointsPay virtual or plastic card with only two clicks.

At the point-of-sale, speed is crucial to the convenience of the PointsPay card. With Quickloader, the PointsPay App is providing the ultimate speed a user wants when buying with miles or points.

"We are very excited that our users can now load their PointsPay prepaid cards in only two clicks and shop with their loyalty points or miles anywhere around the globe," says Luca Paioni, Head of Product Development for PointsPay. "What PointsPay offers today is exactly what wallet providers like Google Wallet or PayPal are targeting to offer in the future: a simple and secure payment wallet that allows their user to pay anytime, online and in store at over 32 million points of sale around the world. It is simply amazing!"

PointsPay furthermore reports continued growth. PointsPay cards have been used at over 1,300 locations in more than 70 countries. Over 260 million points have been loaded since the launch 3 months ago. In store transactions steadily increase, already is making up over 35% of all purchases. Users have made purchases online paying electricity bills, shopping at Amazon or downloading music on iTunes. In store PointsPay users have used points to pay for groceries, dinners at restaurants and new pairs of shoes.

The success of the PointsPay mobile wallet confirms the findings of a recent study published by Comscore (comscore.com/MobileMoney). According to the report, 52% of consumers want to be able to use a digital wallet both online, through a browser or mobile app, and at a physical store. PointsPay, available as an app and on the web, is seeing the same behavior. To the question which in store payment method is preferred, consumers said they prefer to simply enter a PIN or password at a store when using a wallet, rather than tapping the phone at the register or scanning a bar code. PointsPay reports very positive feedback from its users regarding the convenience of the password protected PointsPay mobile wallet. 

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