Iress launches market data desktop in South Africa

Source: Iress

After the successful introduction of multi-asset class trading, portfolio management and private wealth solutions during the past eighteen months, Iress has now launched its professional market data desktop in South Africa.

IRESS Professional desktop offers comprehensive SA and global markets content, extensive world-class analysis tools and news. This also provides South African clients/traders exciting options for operating from a single front end tightly integrating market analysis, trading and portfolio management processes.

"IRESS Professional desktop is a fully integrated high-end market data product witha proven track record in international markets over the past decade" commented Ray Pretorius, Managing Director, IRESS Financial Markets.

IRESS has been delivering market data in other markets for more than 10 years to well over 10,000 professional users, and will provide the South African market with a credible international vendor alternative in the front-end market data space.

Over the course of 2012, IRESS invested heavily in its core infrastructure in South Africa to ensure scalability and resilience in trading, and broader access to the IRESS product suite. The release of the market data desktop is another benefit from these investments for South African clients. Pretorius adds that, "IRESS' global market data and proven technology combined with a 15 year track record of local presence, delivery and support ensures that this is the most compelling market data solution available in Southern Africa."

In addition to expected content and functionality, IRESS Professional desktop contains a number of innovative features including: the ability to analyse trading activity exactly as it occurred historically; local macro-economic data and financial analysis data of local and international companies; performance and investment decision tools; and graphical representations of real-time market activity.

"We've listened to our clients - they want a market data solution that strikes a balance between globally competitive content and functionality, yet priced for the local environment. We are confident that IRESS Professional desktop ticks all the boxes, as well as laying the foundation for them to consider a single unified desktop for market data, trading and portfolio management in future." says Stuart Campbell, Head of Sales at IRESS Financial Markets. 

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