BT releases ITS Anywhere mobile trading system

Source: BT

BT, one of the world's largest suppliers of financial systems, today launched the full portfolio of ITS Anywhere applications.

With ITS Anywhere, traders in the financial markets can perform trading functions away from the main floor and maintain contact with customers and colleagues, wherever they are located. ITS Anywhere works on a range of off-floor and remote devices, making these devices an extension of the ITS voice trading platform. The benefits this brings include access to private wires and other call management features, with full voice recording. BT will be exhibiting the portfolio and other products at the SIA Technology Management Conference.

ITS Anywhere allows calls and information to be visible on a range of off-floor and remote devices, at the same time as BT's trading floor turrets and multi-media desktop devices. A trader can either respond to the communication or allow his team at the trading floor to pick it up. All calls are centrally recorded and call information is logged. Users are presented with common interfaces and profiles and all organisational business controls are in place on the remote devices.

The ITS Anywhere portfolio covers the web browsers, IP phones and wireless devices such as mobile phones and BlackBerrys. The applications fit seamlessly in to the ITS voice platform. It is cost effective as maintenance is controlled centrally and there is a consistent high quality of service whether through landline or mobile network.

Rod MacDonald, managing director, financial services, BT said: "Trading today is no longer just about a trading turret in a fixed location. Networks are global and flexible working is critical for success. Although still an essential part of the trading room, the traditional turret is no longer enough as a stand alone instrument. BT has integrated communication tools that allow our customers to operate in any geography, at any time and know they have the right information at hand. This is backed by our experience of exploiting IP capabilities to connect sites around the world with built in business continuity."

ITS Anywhere for Web is a browser-based turret. It allows traders and sales staff to access any market and time zone, from any location, using just a laptop or PC. All they need is dial-up access and a telephone or mobile phone. They can see call activity on private lines and DDIs (Direct Dial In) and can answer and make calls as with a normal turret. Calls are voice recorded from the central ITS voice platform to ensure compliance regulations are met. The user will have access to a familiar layout by selecting a version of the interface that matches ITS.Netrix or their turret.

Scotia Capital is using ITS Anywhere for Web as part of its business continuity strategy. Traders can now work from home, reducing downtime caused by travel problems or other incidents. They also have confidence in the voice quality during a disaster recovery situation because of the technology used.

ITS Anywhere for Wireless Devices allows traders, sales and research staff using mobile phones and BlackBerrys to access the same incoming calls and make calls from speed dials or phone lists, as from their turret on the trading floor. They can respond to market opportunities in an instant and be in constant contact with customers. The ITS functionality is made available on existing user devices, increasing the ease of use for a wider audience and exploiting existing investments.

ITS Anywhere for IP Phones allows support staff located off the trading floor to access calls to and from the trading floor from IP phones. Sales, research, management and the back office can have visibility of all trading floor operations. This drives up team working within and between departments and allows users of IP phones to be directly involved in client support. These extend the shared line capability to DDI numbers for caller identification. All calls from a key client's "golden number" are identified whoever picks up the phone – whether on a turret or IP phone – so that the caller enjoys the highest level of service.

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