TietoEnator and Sampo expand IT services agreement

Source: TietoEnator

TietoEnator and Sampo have agreed to combine the current processing service agreement between the companies and the agreement between TietoEnator's affiliate, Primasoft, and Sampo to make a new, comprehensive framework to cover all IT production and support services.

The agreement is for five years in its main parts and it will be come into effect in the beginning of 2006. It will not impact on TietoEnator's annual turnover figures and will not involve any staff reorganisation. The official party to the contract in the TietoEnator Group is Primasoft.

The agreement is based on new standardised and focused services of TietoEnator Processing & Network. It covers mainframe processing services, application, server and network management, information security services and user and workstation support. The agreement will strengthen TietoEnator's partnership in the banking industry and the position of the Processing & Network business as one of the leading providers of outsourced services in the Nordic countries.

Primasoft delivers information system integration, development and maintenance services as well as production and support services to the Sampo Group. TietoEnator owns a 60% interest in the company and has 40% voting rights. Sampo owns 40% of the shares and has 60% voting rights. TietoEnator is responsible for Primasoft's business. The company's turnover in 2004 was €98.5 million. It has offices in Helsinki and Turku.

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