Nasdaq OMX adds consumer demand data to machine-readable news service

Source: Nasdaq OMX

The Nasdaq OMX Group (Nasdaq:NDAQ), parent of the world's first electronic stock market, today announced U.S. consumer demand data is now delivered by Nasdaq OMX Event-Driven Analytics, a leading provider of machine-readable economic news to financial institutions and trading firms.

The U.S. Consumer Demand Index, which predicts developments in American consumer spending several months in advance with a high degree of certainty, is delivered via Event-Driven Analytics five minutes before it is distributed to other end-users. This gives Event-Driven Analytics subscribers early insight into valuable information about personal consumption behavior.

The U.S. Consumer Demand Index is differentiated from other indicators by its focus on actual behavior instead of expectations or degrees of consumer confidence. The index is based on direct information from households about their buying decisions, not on their expectations for generalized macro-economic conditions.

The U.S. Consumer Demand Index predicts private consumption behavior several months before official statistics are released with an accuracy rate of about 70-percent. Survey data is more current and published earlier than other sources. Therefore, subscribers can receive more reliable and earlier indications about market developments than those who subscribe to other information providers.

The U.S. Consumer Demand Index is published by the Institute for Business Cycle Analysis, an independent research, forecasting and information organization.

"We are very pleased to collaborate with an organization that has developed an extremely innovative forecasting model," said Brian Hyndman, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products. "The addition of this data to the comprehensive suite of economic indicators currently delivered by Event-Driven Analytics will help subscribers make better-informed business decisions."

"American consumer spending is a key influence on developments throughout the world economy," said Dr. Roger Selbert, U.S. Economic Analyst for the U.S. Consumer Demand Index and Principal of The Growth Strategies Group. "With the U.S. Consumer Demand Index, one can predict levels of U.S. personal consumption with a greater degree of certainty and thus have a greater chance of maximizing growth opportunities. Our partnership with NASDAQ OMX is a logical development for organizations that are committed to providing customers efficient access to the tools needed to compete in the marketplace."

The U.S. Consumer Demand Index was introduced in 2001 after Danish economist Jorn Thulstrup, CEO of the Institute for Business Cycle Analysis, initiated a unique monthly series of surveys designed to predict personal consumption behavior in the U.S. The index provides essential information not just for the financial sector but also manufacturers, retailers, freight companies and others seeking financial information to support forecasting and decision-making. The U.S. Consumer Demand Index can support business and investment decisions made by a wide variety of trading firms, portfolio managers, private equity investors, sales and marketing professionals, research economists and others who work with demand-related forecasting. 

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