Deutsche Börse introduces CEF alpha data feed for automated trading applications

Source: Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse has expanded its real-time data feed offering.

Effective immediately, the company offers CEF alpha, a new real-time data feed developed exclusively for automated trading applications. CEF alpha provides direct access to real-time market data from Eurex and Xetra trading. It enables customers for the first time to strip down the data broadcast according to individual needs on an instrument-by-instrument level and to alter their selection of instruments intraday. The new offering is based on the high-performance CEF data feed.

CEF alpha includes an interface facilitating the connection to the feed and the integration into customers automated trading applications. The new offering comprises a dynamic software message compression preventing data delay in case of peak situations for lines operated at full capacity. It is accessible via leased lines or an internet connection.

With its new offering, Deutsche Börse is addressing banks, financial institutions and hedge funds which require real-time market data from Eurex and Xetra for their automated trading applications. "With CEF alpha, our customers will benefit from the high-quality and speed of a real-time market data access, allowing them to reduce latency as well as additional programming effort", said Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Market Data & Analytics at Deutsche Börse.

The high-performance CEF data feed bundles trading data, such as prices, indices and volumes of various sources from Deutsche Börse Group and its cooperation partners, to craft information products which are disseminated in real-time to information providers and financial institutions. The system availability rate is greater than 99.98 percent. With the introduction of CEF Frankfurt and CEF Chicago in 2003, Deutsche Börse became the first stock exchange in the world to implement a price dissemination system that is operated in two different locations and two different time zones.

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