Eurex begins roll out of new trading platform

Source: Eurex

Eurex Exchange, the derivatives arm of Deutsche Börse Group, has successfully launched the world's most advanced trading system yesterday.

With the new trading system, participants of Eurex Exchange benefit from significantly better performance, more choice and enhanced functionalities - all based on Eurex Exchange's proven reliability.

"We believe this 'next generation' system will substantially change the way traders and investors access the world's most dynamic markets, and it will establish a clear competitive advantage for our participants," said Jürg Spillmann, member of the Eurex Executive Board and responsible for IT & Operations.

"It has been designed in close partnership with exchange users, and we have built in the flexibility to adapt quickly to their changing needs going forward. As we began the phased migration to the new system, we look forward to delivering all of the benefits of this new technology to our participants firms," added Wolfgang Eholzer, Head of Trading System Design, Eurex.

The roll-out started yesterday with property, inflation and weather derivatives, a total of 24 products. The production launch will be followed by a product migration phase in a stepwise approach, next phase is scheduled for February. Full roll-out is expected to conclude in May 2013.

Eurex appreciates the commitment of the following ISVs that are already providing access/software for the new trading architecture: Actant, Bloomberg, Communytek, Easyscreen, EPAM, Ion Trading, Orc Software, Object Trading, RTS Group, Sol-3, SunGard® Front Arena and Stellar Trading.

The new Eurex Exchange system represents the best-in-class technology solution and is realized based on Deutsche Börse Group's global trading architecture. It offers greater system flexibility, allowing for reduced time-to-market when introducing new financial products and new functionalities. Its high-performance messaging architecture reduces latency to a minimum, allows fast communication and uses the utmost reliable database systems. In addition, Eurex Exchange participants will benefit from the improved functionality, including enhanced calendar spreads and user-defined strategies as well as from streamlined processing and reporting.

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