Cameron Systems upgrades FIX platform

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Cameron Systems, the leading global provider of FIX protocol trading solutions today announced details of the latest CameronFIX Platform release.

CameronFIX Version 6.2 provides solutions for risk and compliance, workflow management, advanced execution and networks/hubs.

Cameron Systems Chief Technology Officer, John Cameron, says the latest CameronFIX release meets current and future critical trading requirements. "The innovation we announce today significantly expands the CameronFIX platform. We are already seeing rapid marketplace adoption of the latest CameronFIX platform modules and are pleased to meet the needs of the global electronic trading community. Many of our clients in North America, Europe and Asia provided technical feedback and business input that proved invaluable."

CameronFIX Version 6.2 is available from July 05.

CameronFIX Platform Version 6.2: new modules at a glance —

Risk and Compliance
  • Market & Credit Compliance - The CameronFIX compliance module enables firms to enforce a range of market and client specific trading constraints upon orders received through a FIX connection. These constraints can, for example, include rules stipulated by market/government regulators, client mandates, internal corporate policies, or bilaterally-agreed trading rules between the buy/sell sides.
  • Market Mirror - Keeps track of positions in a market, such as outstanding and executed orders, and is a component that can be utilized for order state management and tracking orders for potential compliance issues within the CameronFIX environment.
  • The Validation module validates incoming and outgoing FIX messages against a user defined set of rules. The rules commonly check for the presence and validate the values of any field.

    Workflow Management
  • Exception Manager - A web-based GUI for viewing and acting on messages that have been rejected by another component in the CameronFIX Platform, such as the Compliance or Validator modules. A user of the Exception Manager can choose to accept, reject, retry or amend a message that has caused an exception

    Advanced Execution
  • Best Execution Module - Best execution is a do-or-die challenge facing any buy-side trading desk that has a focus on delivering customer satisfaction and legal obligation through best price and lowest cost of trade; trading higher quantities and volumes and securing increased business; and achieving these goals within controlled operating costs. Electronic connectivity, process automation and workflow management are all key enablers for any buy-side trading desk to achieve best execution. Best Execution module is a high performance automated solution that integrates with your FIX connectivity and provides powerful and fully customizable yet simple to use workflow management tools. Best Execution is an 'off the shelf' message processor built on Cameron's powerful Universal Server business logic infrastructure which allows custom business logic to be configured into the FIX processing workflow in the form of "message processors". With Best Execution logic built into the Cameron Universal Server the ability to automatically get the best price can be ‘bolted on’ to any trading system that is capable of generating orders, without requiring any changes to that trading system.

    Networks & Hubs
  • Hubs for Cross Border Trading - Cameron Systems' South African based partner, Peresys has developed a CameronFIX enabled network hub solution in Johannesburg as well as points of presence in London and New York to enable bi-directional order routing and direct market access for the South African trading community. The solution caters for all widely used versions of the FIX protocol, and spans equities, fixed income, and derivatives instruments. Cameron Systems' Japan-based partner, MetaBit Systems has developed a Tokyo Market Liquidity Hub (MLH™) — Japan's first and only domestic FIX hub with CameronFIX embedded. MLH™, accessible to Japanese and global buy and sell side institutions via their client preferred trading systems and infrastructure, enables access to market liquidity on Japan's five major exchanges including the Commodity Futures Exchange, as well as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchanges.

    Internal Connectivity
  • The .NET Adapter - allows quicker integration of .NET framework applications, such as trading and reporting systems, by providing a native .NET API into the CameronFIX Universal Server. It uses a fast, lightweight protocol for interfacing with the Java portions of CameronFIX without any dependencies on COM or other third-party interoperability solutions. It can be used by any language that is part of .NET. Companies employing Microsoft technologies can continue to focus on .NET solutions without the need for additional skill sets or development environments.
  • Javelin/NYFIX Coppelia Migration Tool - Designed for customers who wish to migrate easily from Javelin/NYFIX Coppelia to CameronFIX; this adapter causes the CameronFIX Engine to send to internal systems the same message format that Coppelia does over a socket adapter. The Javelin/NYFIX Coppelia migration tool allows customers to migrate from Javelin/NYFIX products with minimal changes to internal trading systems.

    Cameron Systems has emerged as the global leader in providing FIX connectivity platforms for Exchanges, Brokers, Investment Managers, Transaction Networks, Software Vendors and other industry participants.

    "Once again Cameron Systems leads the way in proven product delivery to global clients," says Cameron Systems CEO Peter Cooper. "CameronFIX 6.2 moves FIX based solutions and benefits deeper into global organizations making them faster and smarter — the CameronFIX platform is delivering real business benefits and advantages today."

    Cameron Systems is exhibiting at the SIA technology Management Conference, New York, June 21 – 23, the FIX Protocol's 'FIX' Conference, Shanghai, June 24 and the Trade Tech Fixed Income Conference, Paris, June 28 – July 1.
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