CQG connects with Turquoise

Source: CQG

CQG, Inc. today announced its connectivity to Turquoise, providing the company's trading and market data customers with high-speed access to the exchange through its hosted infrastructure. This new connection builds on CQG's already-strong coverage of European markets.

Majority-owned by London Stock Exchange Group, Turquoise covers Norwegian and United Kingdom derivatives markets as well as Russian International Order Book (IOB) derivatives. These products will now be available thanks to the combination of CQG's tools and Turquoise's coverage of dividend, index, and stock options and futures.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the infrastructure and tools to maintain a global market perspective," said Brian Vancil, Vice President of Exchange Relations at CQG. "With this goal in mind, and considering Turquoise's coverage of Norwegian, Russian, and United Kingdom derivatives markets, our connection to Turquoise is a strong and logical addition to our exchange offering."

Customers connecting to Turquoise through CQG have access to OBX Index derivatives, with both futures and options contracts available. The OBX Index tracks Norway's top twenty-five blue chip companies. CQG Spreader customers now have the opportunity to leg this popular instrument against other equity index derivatives products available through CQG's global exchange offering.

Natan Tiefenbrun, CEO of Turquoise said, "We're delighted that CQG has connected to Turquoise Derivatives. This highlights our increasing presence in the market and growing appeal not just to investors but to the world's leading trading infrastructure providers. This is testament to our commitment of offering the derivatives market real choice combined with world-leading technology, lower costs, and excellence in customer service."

In addition to the OBX Index, CQG customers can now incorporate a variety of FTSE RIOB and IOB DR options and futures as well as dividend futures into their strategies using CQG's advanced trading front ends. These front-end platforms include the multilingual CQG Trader and CQG Integrated Client, CQG's flagship product, available in an enhanced and expanded CQG Integrated Client version 2013.

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