Interactive Data ships ETF Web tools

Source: Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of ETF valuations and hosted web services, today announced the launch of its new white label suite of ETF web tools.

The new tools help advisors and investors analyze, build and promote investment strategies using ETFs.

Each tool provides a deeper insight into an ETF's market behavior and underlying holdings to help advisors and investors better understand potential drivers of an ETF's performance, liquidity, costs and risks.

A new set of online publishing and social media features are included which let advisors and investors publish and promote their research from these tools. New content management features also let Interactive Data's clients integrate and manage their own content within the tools to help support their clients' marketing and compliance requirements while also lowering their clients' development time and costs.

"As advisors and self-directed investors increase their adoption of ETFs our clients are looking for ways to deliver better online services to support the ever rising demand for ETF analysis and education," said Jeff Torchon, Vice President and ETF Global Markets Manager for Interactive Data. "Our new suite of ETF web tools and content management services help our clients provide those enhanced ETF services and avoid the long development timelines and overhead costs typically required to build and manage them."

Interactive Data's new ETF web tools suite includes:

Customized ETF Filtering: facilitates simple and complex searches across all 1,400+ ETFs trading on US exchanges. Advisors and investors can filter by numerous fund profile, portfolio and market characteristics. Interactive Data's clients can dynamically create and publish their own custom searches to their customer base and embed their own marketing content.

ETF Performance Analyzer: shows how an ETF's underlying holdings in specific sectors, countries and market caps can influence an ETF's return.

ETF Performance Comparison: shows where ETFs differ and where they overlap in performance and portfolio composition.

ETF Liquidity Analyzer: provides a comprehensive view of an ETF's liquidity including the liquidity of the ETF's underlying holdings. Advisors and investors can compare ETF volumes, spreads and premium/discounts across any US listed exchange traded product.

Correlation Calculator: calculates correlations across any time period on ETFs, mutual funds and stocks. Advisors and investors can run correlations on custom portfolios and individual securities to help optimize portfolios, find ETFs for tax-loss harvesting* or any number of investment strategies.

ETF Profiles: provide reference data, real-time market data and analytics for every type of exchange-traded product. Profiles can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different layouts.

ETF monitoring: tracks intraday ETF trading and includes special messaging features, which enable Interactive Data's clients to integrate their own custom announcements in support of their sales and marketing needs.

Social Media and Online Publishing: lets advisors and investors create and promote fully customizable online proposals and reports from their research on the tools. Content management and auditing features are designed to give Interactive Data's clients control over all generated reports.

"These new tools allow our clients to cost-effectively launch enhanced ETF services that can support their own sales and marketing efforts while also helping their customer base of advisors and investors increase their knowledge of ETFs and build better portfolios," said Bill Chambers, Vice President and General Manager of Interactive Data Wealth Management Solutions. 

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