CreditCal unveils EMV Level 1 software library

Source: CreditCall

CreditCall, the market leading provider of EMV software technology to the global payments industry, today unveiled a ground-breaking EMV Level 1 (EMVL1.LIB) software library that reduces terminal development cycle time by as much as 18 months.

The new EMVL1.LIB is a major win for the card payments industry putting EMV compliance on the fast track.

The EMV Level 1 standard is a key global payment industry specification that defines the electrical and physical interface between credit and debit cards and the payment terminal. It defines the software route that allows terminals to reliably communicate with cards. To achieve these goals, developers currently choose from a wide range of smartcard interfaces.

However, these integrated circuits only address basic functions such as level shifting, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), automatic card activation, and deactivation. This leaves the critical job of designing an EMV Level 1 compliant terminal in the hands of the skilled developer and hardware engineer. With CreditCall's new EMV Level 1 Software Library and Reference design, developers are now armed with the tools they need to create a reliable, winning solution that cuts development time, and reduces costs substantially.

"Until now, there has been no reliable industry fast track to EMV Level 1 compliance," commented, Jeremy Gumbley, Chief Technology Officer. "With our new library, major reductions in terminal development time translate into substantial reductions in approval and test costs for customers. This is a major win for our customers and in particular for the EMV migration in the USA."

EMV Level 1 Library Key Features:

  • EMVL1.LIB supports a growing number of smartcard interfaces, including 5V, 3V and 1.8V operations. In addition, it provides SPI interfaces, and serial port control as well as on board and off board clock support.
  • Smartcard interface integrated circuits options include Maxie, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology and NXP
  • The software library is developed in strict ANSI C and proven on both PIC and ARM architectures.

Support and Availability

CreditCall's global technical support tert teams support the full integration of the new EMVL1.LIB within the customer's software solution. This includes selection and integration of the smartcard interface in the customer's electronic hardware. The new EMVL1.LIB is fully tested and available immediately. 

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