Erudine Financial launches

Source: Erudine Financial

Erudine Financial is bringing its expertise from safety-critical industries to financial services markets.

At the heart of the company sits the Erudine system which was originally tailored to engineering practices in the aerospace industry. Erudine Financial is leveraging these principles to create secure automated financial systems.

The new company has also recently acquired specialist consultancy Silverminute, a provider of bespoke software solutions to the financial services industry. Erudine's proven expertise in control systems and Silverminute's established pedigree in delivering business intelligence applications to the investment banking and asset management sectors creates a powerful combination. Erudine Financial is already working closely with financial institutions to analyse their systems and transform infrastructures in as little as 12 weeks to meet existing and future business challenges.

As part of this strategic process, Erudine Financial analyses, sources and cleanses essential data for re-use across the enterprise and tests and stores good processes and behaviours. It flushes out unknown behaviours and ad-hoc rules that were not part of the existing system ensuring best practise is consistently followed. By examining and analysing internal infrastructures, Erudine Financial enables organisations to quickly extract the most valuable and reliable information in full compliance with all regulatory requirements while also reducing risk.

"The financial services infrastructure is under duress," said Julian Lee, founder and CEO of Erudine Financial. "With regulatory pressures building, it's clear that organisations will not be able to rely on outdated technology and processes to solve these challenges. We actively sought a solution that could transform compliance and control in a continuously changing and complex regulatory landscape. We know that the Erudine technology can deliver, and based on the conversations we are already having, we are confident that we will be able to revolutionise processes within financial institutions."

Lee adds, "Erudine's pedigree in the engineering and aviation space defines precision - if it can run flight systems and nuclear power stations, it's exactly the control needed for the financial services market. Combining our technology with the deep domain expertise of the team from Silverminute - particularly in the areas of investment banking and asset management - puts us in a powerful position to deliver on our vision."

Headquartered in London, Erudine Financial is headed by Julian Lee as founder and CEO. Lee brings with him over 15 years of experience in the capital markets sector. Prior to his work at Erudine Financial, Lee held positions at Gartmore, ABN Amro Asset Management and Morningstar Inc. Along with Lee, Erudine Financial is comprised of financial services industry stalwarts including, Ken Yeadon, June Aitken, Clare Walsh and Mike Powell. 

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