Wachovia rolls out Carreker's adjustments system

Source: Carreker Corporation

Carreker Corporation (Nasdaq: CANI), a leading provider of technology and consulting solutions for the financial industry, announced today that Wachovia Corporation (NYSE: WB), the fourth largest U.S. banking holding company, has fully deployed Carreker's image-enabled Adjustments/Express solution across its enterprise.

Adjustments Express is a workflow-enabled system that automates the entire back-office adjustments process to improve productivity, reduce costs and speed customer service delivery. Wachovia, which has implemented Adjustments Express at all four of its adjustments sites, expects to dramatically reduce the costs associated with the adjustments process.

"We needed a reliable adjustment solution that could be deployed across the enterprise and allow us to achieve scalability in an ever-changing marketplace, while still improving customer service and decreasing adjustments-related costs," said Sandy Grow, senior vice president, Manager of Adjustments, Wachovia. "Not only did Adjustments Express satisfy these requirements, but it offers us all of the benefits associated with operating on a single adjustments platform, including reducing adjustments costs in the range of about 30 percent and improving operational efficiencies."

John Carreker, president, Global Payments Technology, Carreker said, "Wachovia continues to demonstrate its industry leadership in the payments arena. As most large banks wrestle with the issues associated with managing multiple adjustments systems, Wachovia is realizing the immediate benefits of standardizing on Carreker's Adjustments Express solution, which include improved response times, faster case resolution, more automated processing, reduced float, and optimized workloads."

J.D. "Denny" Carreker, chairman and CEO, Carreker said, "Wachovia's enterprise-wide deployment of our Adjustments Express solution is just another example of how we continue to work with our clients to bring value to their organizations with proven products and services that will not only allow them to successfully to compete in today's tough marketplace, but also help position them for success in the future. Based on our success with Wachovia we are seeing increased demand for this type of enterprise-wide solution."

Adjustments Express delivers a virtually paperless, seamless environment, allowing operators to scan information into the system, retrieve both image and microfilm items and make entries related to all of the main sources of adjustments cases. The system enables quick access to item data and images, reducing the operator's dependence on manual processes and empowering them to resolve cases more quickly.

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