European ATM Security Team opens up to associate members

Source: European ATM Security Team

The European ATM Security Team (East) has opened to Associate Members with immediate effect. Associate Members will benefit from improved outflows of East public outputs and information, as well as from discounted attendance at future designated East events.

To widen its global reach and to increase participation from industry stakeholders, EAST has created a new global membership category open for application from Banks, other approved ATM Stakeholder Organisations and Law Enforcement. EAST membership will now be split into two: National Members and Associate Members. The National Membership model remains unchanged, with National Members representing their countries in closed meetings at EAST as national contact points for inward and outward information flows.

In addition to public acknowledgement as supporters of EAST, the new Associate Members have direct access to the all EAST outputs approved for public release; priority & discounted attendance at future designated EAST events and the opportunity to participate in EAST Expert Groups when formed.

EAST Coordinator, Lachlan Gunn said "In 2011 EAST embarked on a long term strategic planning process designed to take the Group to the next stage of its development. Up to now the focus has been on strengthening our national membership. As many of the threats we are facing are global, and with European ATM related fraud losses now increasingly seen outside of Europe, EAST decided to open the new Associate Membership category globally. It is hoped that this will help to further improve flows of information into and out from the Group. In 2013 EAST is planning to hold its first annual conference, with an Agenda set by our national members." 

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