Clear2Pay launches ViVa 'bank-friendly wallet'

Source: Clear2Pay

On the opening day of Sibos 2012 Clear2Pay, the international technology provider of next generation payment solutions for financial institutions launches today ViVa: the bank-friendly and integrated answer to a myriad of non-bank alternative payment schemes.

ViVa allows banks to launch a wide range of virtual/real payment scenarios to their retail and corporate customers, such as merchant payment, utility bill payment, small business accounts and P2P payments. Banks can embed ViVa within any - also non Clear2Pay - payment infrastructure.

Banks are traditionally the custodians of monetary value in a person or company's life, be it in terms of cash, savings, investment products, etc. The new market entrants on the other hand offer primarily consumers alternative tools that facilitate certain elements of their online presence. However as much as every single initiative might bring ease of use and value, research shows that most people hold and prefer to hold one prime bank account for most transactions. It is for this reason that Clear2Pay launches ViVa, which allows banks to capture the entire virtual and/or real transaction, plus the underlying intelligence. This way banks facilitate their customers to buy, sell and collect and spend money, vouchers and loyalty points on and offline at the point of sale across a myriad of devices through one secure and trusted interface.

Mark Hartley, Chief Innovation Officer at Clear2Pay states: "Banks must no longer observe alternative payments from the outside but embed them inside their bank. Despite the lack of global standards, technologies such as mobile, NFC, e.g. are mature enough to be deployed by banks. With ViVa they can deliver this in a much more appealing way to their retail and business customers, even without disrupting their existing infrastructure".

At Sibos 2012 Clear2Pay also unveils its Payments 2020 Vision and Roadmap, building on its Open Payment Framework technology, fit for the new reality of traditional and non-traditional payment methods. OPF's new Dynamic Accounting capability allows banks to acquire and process payments of any account structure, regulated or unregulated, BIC or phone number - on a traditional and d non-traditional basis. OPF now enables bank's existing infra to recognize other entities as an account and process those in their own, a partner's or a different core banking environment without the need for a formal regulated and industry standard account number.

Warren Gardiner, Chief Product and Strategy officer explains: "In the banking world we know today, bank accounts are regulated, there is format like BIC and IBAN. However, it could also be a mobile phone number through which payments are received and made with all the 'on the go' benefits of a phone, yet with the security level and procedure the customer is accustomed too. We are preparing ourselves for this client demand: the ability to handle non-traditional bank account structures through the same payment hub. With OPF's new Dynamic Accounting capability, banks can wholeheartedly embrace new initiatives without worrying about the underlying formats or overhaul of their current infrastructure. It is a transformation of the way we think about bank accounts today." 

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