Nyse Technologies expands FIX capabilities with Appia Business Centre

Source: Nyse Technologies

Nyse Technologies, the commercial technology division of Nyse Euronext, today announced the addition of the Appia Business Centre, a management interface that allows front-end users to configure FIX infrastructure without special coding, to its FIX capabilities.

With the new Appia Business Centre, business users can build, maintain, and monitor their FIX infrastructure without the help of specialists to on-board new clients, communicate with new matching engines, or implement new rules. Through the comprehensive Appia suite of products, also including the core Appia FIX Engine and TradeScope, a monitoring solution, global market participants have access to all the tools required to manage and monitor their FIX infrastructure, connectivity and traffic.

The Appia Business Centre automates the process of managing rules, implementing routing strategies, adjusting symbology, translation, and risk management. Business users can configure the FIX infrastructure to meet their specific requirements and trading styles while expediting connectivity without technical support.

"Our products have evolved throughout the years based on the demanding needs of our clients and as FIX has moved from technology departments to the front lines, we developed powerful tools that allow business users to configure their FIX infrastructure and apply new rules without coding," Jim Timmins, Co-Head of Enterprise Software, NYSE Technologies. "Appia Business Centre saves clients years of development work while reducing cost, complexities in managing vendor relationships, and time to market."

"We intend to use Appia FIX engine's as the main electronic trading entry point into the Mercado Integrado Latino Americano (MILA)[1], with direct market access to Chile, Colombia and Peru," Claudio Larrain, Managing Director, LarrainVial. "As we continue to leverage the growth in the region, we will rely on Appia Business Centre's powerful risk management and FIX monitoring functionality to manage electronic trading activity into the region and from the region into the US markets. Appia Business Center, alongside SuperFeed[2] and a direct connection to NYSE Technologies Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI),[3] is yet another eexample of the growing synergies between MILA and NYSE Technologies products. " 

[1] Mercado Integrado Latino Americano (MILA) - The cross-trading platform that links the exchanges of Peru, Chile and Colombia.
[2] Superfeed - SuperFeed provides customers with broad access to data from over 100 major US, European and Asian markets in a single normalized format. This hosted data vendor service combines the simplicity and cost efficiency of a consolidated feed with the high performance capabilities of a direct feed.
[3] The Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) - SFTI is a highly resilient, ultra low-latency communications backbone created for the financial industry in 2002 with connectivity to global exchanges, market centers, service providers and over 1,600 market participants. 

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