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Viewpointe, a leading provider of cloud-based information governance and image exchange solutions and services, today announced at IBM's 2012 Information OnDemand Expo the latest release of its information governance platform, OnPointe.

This version provides enhanced solutions for enterprise applications and print stream and image, which are core components of the OnPointe service.

Extending the capabilities of Viewpointe's trusted national archive, the OnPointe platform leverages key components of IBM's enterprise content management suite while integrating leading technologies and infrastructure to provide an information governance platform capable of managing all types of content via a private cloud. OnPointe enables users to more efficiently collect, analyze, classify, retain, preserve and dispose of business information based on its legal, regulatory and business requirements. Moreover, by shifting information management and governance functionality to Viewpointe's private cloud, users can access vital customer information while leveraging existing infrastructure investments in a flexible and cost-effective way.

"Our latest release of OnPointe helps financial institutions manage the multitude of customer information in a consistent, uniform manner," said Bill Shute, Viewpointe vice president of product. "Critical customer information and correspondence, which are created and stored in various enterprise applications, as well as high-volume production systems, can now be governed in an efficient and appropriate manner."

OnPointe for Enterprise Applications and OnPointe for Print Stream and Image help institutions as they move to modernize their operations and customer service. In response to customer and regulatory demands, institutions are facing the replacement of aging systems and infrastructure, needed enhancements for advanced lifecycle management, value-based retention, legal hold management, audit reporting and increased record level accessibility. With OnPointe's enhanced capabilities organizations gain advance accessibility and governance over high-volume output such as AFP print streams, back office reports, line data, confirmations and check images. In additaddition, these enhancements can help companies reduce costs and improve security while increasing content management efficiency.

These solutions address such customer information and correspondence as application forms, lending agreements, statements, invoices, tax forms, email and check images that must be managed according to legal, regulatory and business mandates. Centralized archive and automation tools help organizations consistently and transparently apply classification, valued-based retention and legal hold policies to individual records for full lifecycle management and improved governance.

With one of the largest national archives of digital information in the cloud, Viewpointe's information governance platform, OnPointe, enables organizations to seamlessly manage their enterprise content, records and digital storage via its private cloud in a secure, scalable and cost-effective manner.

The platform helps organizations:
- Enforce consistent application of retention policies and maintain control of critical data
- Adhere to legal, regulatory and business mandates
- Manage costs on a consumption basis, converting capital expenditures into expense
- Improve eDiscovery and overall governance processes
- Improve time to market to better meet customer expectations and serviceĀ 

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