Golden 1 Credit Union upgrades online payments service with Checkfree Web

Source: Checkfree

CheckFree Corporation (Nasdaq: CKFR) today announced that The Golden 1 Credit Union, the fourth largest credit union in the United States, has significantly enhanced its electronic billing and payment service.

The new Golden 1 Online and Bill Payment service is free to members and made available through the bank's technology partnership with CheckFree Corporation.

Utilizing the newest version of CheckFree Web, Golden 1's electronic billing and payment service offers its members many new features to manage their bills and payments including a more simplified single-point bill management center, faster payment processing, due-date reminders and payment notification alerts. Members can also increase the convenience and financial control of the service by using CheckFree e-Bill, which allows consumers to receive bills electronically at a single, secure Web site from a growing number of billing organizations.

"We wanted our members to be among the first to experience the convenience and speed of this enhanced electronic billing and payment service," said Lisa Swanson, Vice President of E-Commerce, The Golden 1 Credit Union. "We believe that the new features will help our members maximize control of their finances and minimize the time they spend paying bills each month."

"As a top credit union, Golden 1 has extended the growing benefits of electronic billing and payment services to its growing base of members," said Jeff Weikert, CSP Channel Executive, CheckFree Corporation. "With the new service, Golden 1 members can access tools, such as due-date reminders and electronic bills, that make the management of monthly bills and payments even easier."

Golden 1 members can enjoy many benefits with the new, free electronic billing and payment service, including:

  • Faster Payments - Most payments can now be processed within one day.
  • Smart Biller Set-Up - Golden 1 members can set up new bills to be paid quickly and easily through the new Quick Add feature, which allows a new biller to be added by typing in only a phone number that is included in the bill. Customers can also choose to add new payees the traditional way, which only takes a few minutes.
  • Ease-of-Use - Golden 1 Online is simple to navigate and use. With a single-point bill management center, online banking customers can access and manage all of their critical billing information in one easy-to-use screen for at-a-glance convenience. Consumers can quickly make payments, set up and manage electronic bills and view their payment history.
  • Bill Reminders - Golden 1 members can now schedule automated e-mail reminders for payment due dates. Consumers simply select when they want a reminder, and a message will appear in a virtual in-box in the customer's Bill Payment Center.
  • Payment Confirmation and Guarantee - Members can elect to receive payment posting information to know when their account was credited by the biller, as well as a confirmation number. This makes it easier for consumers to refer to payments, such as at tax time, and offers peace-of-mind that their bills have been paid. In addition, consumers who pay bills electronically continue to be protected from unauthorized transactions or processing delays by the CheckFree Guarantee.

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