InAuth pitches voice print authentication for m-banking

Source: InAuth

InAuth, which delivers and deploys advanced mobile security software to protect financial institutions and their customers from fraud and advanced cyber threats, announced its Voice Biometrics Authentication Module, an opt-in solution that leverages the voice "fingerprint" of a mobile-device user to secure their financial transactions.

InAuth's new software solution runs unobtrusively on the mobile device of a financial institution's account user and dynamically identifies the user based on unique voice characteristics.

Financial institutions conventionally utilize security measures based on passwords, PINs and second-form authentication processes such as personalized security questions to confirm their mobile customers' identity. But these methods cannot actually identify who is using the physical device. So, not only do they create lengthy processes for legitimate users to get the information they need and conduct transactions via their mobile devices, they also fail to provide adequate protection against malware and personal attacks.

The voice fingerprinting delivered with this InAuth solution can dynamically identify whether mobile users actually are who they say they are, instead of proxies—all without adding complexity to the mobile user's experience. Consequently, the InAuth Voice Biometrics Authentication Module provides a comprehensive, easy and quick authenticating and audit trail without frustrating a financial institution's customers.

"Like a fingerprint, each individual's voice is unique. Our new Voice Biometrics Authentication Module maps specific voice characteristics such as pitch and rhythm to accurately verify identity and convey confidence to financial institutions in the validity of their mobile user base," said Mike Patterson, CEO, InAuth. "Mobile applications are the most vulnerable access point for fraud and advanced cyber threats, as most financial institutions' mobile security is far behind that of their solutions and strategies for preventing and mitigating PC-based attacks. InAuth is singularly focused on providing the most effective protection for the evolving, mobile-specific fraud threat."

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