Australia's eWay targets UK

Source: eWay

One of Australia's fastest growing companies is aiming to revolutionise the way British firms take payments online - and has the industry's big guns firmly in its sights.

eWAY already the credit and debit card processor of choice for eCommerce websites in Australia.

It recently opened new offices in Edinburgh and London with the intention of breaking into the online marketplace in the UK, and is now stepping up its mission to make payments easy for merchants - by launching a new cloud-based service.

eWAY has worked closely with developers to find a way to help go live faster and sell more online - and come up with a system that lets traders switch the service on and off when they want and pay by the hour.

This flexibility is what makes eWAY believe its product will suit everyone from lone traders to SMEs and major corporations, and give it a major advantage over rivals who tie clients in to long term contracts with hefty monthly fees.

eWay also takes the process one step further than competitors by building in transactional emails, social media connectivity and real time global credit card security checks to boost client's aftersales and profitability.

Founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Matt Bullock, eWAY's is headquartered in Canberra and claims to be among the friendliest places in the world to work. It provides a pool tables, music chosen by staff members and a beer fridge for Friday evenings for its employees - it even has an office Beagle as an 'Anti-Stress & Distraction Manager'.

However, the firm is deadly serious in its intention to become the world's leading processor of online payments, and already counts major brands such as Puma, Krispy Kreme and Canon amongst its clients - not to mention almost all of Australia's major banking groups.

eWAY CEO Matt Bullock is heading for the UK this month to speak at a number of industry events, and spread the word about how cloud computing is changing the way people shop online and in turn how companies do their business.

Matt Bullock said: "What we do is provide a totally fresh approach to online paymyments. We want people to be able to do business online the way they want, when they want - rather than being restricted by software and systems imposed on them by other companies.

"By providing cloud-based payment we can help start-ups and SMEs get on their feet and take payments for their products and services far more quickly and more conveniently than ever before, meaning that their growth is not held back by having to invest in complex systems they don't need.

"We also build in additional functionality that helps them sell more, including social media connectivity, so they can actually work smarter when it comes to processing customer payments.

"The cloud is already changing the way the world does business on the internet, and eWAY is leading the way in terms of helping companies of all sizes adapt and take advantage of these exciting new opportunities." 

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