Warsaw Stock Exchange sets date for migration to new trading platform

Source: Warsaw Stock Exchange

The Warsaw Stock Exchange informs that the implementation of the new technology for the entire capital market, the trading system UTP, has entered the decisive and final phase.

The first day of availability of the new technology for market participants and the WSE will be announced on 15 November 2012. The proclaimed date will be the first day of operation of UTP on the Polish capital markets.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is thankful to all institutions, in particular brokerage houses, which work with the WSE in continued efforts to ensure safe implementation of the biggest technology project in more than 20 years of history of the Polish capital market.

"This technological transition, which is taking place now, is of strategic importance to the future of the Polish capital markets at least for the next ten years and the foundations for this future will be laid by common efforts of the Exchange and brokerage houses," said WSE CEO Ludwik Sobolewski.

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