StatPro adds bond pricers to Revolution; signs Quintillion

Source: StatPro Group

StatPro Group plc (AIM: SOG), a global leader in portfolio analytics and reporting services today announces that StatPro Revolution, has been enhanced with over 250 bond pricers, up from 3 previously.

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based risk, performance, attribution and reporting platform. This increased coverage, which is included with a $100 per month subscription to StatPro Revolution, provides fixed income managers with greater transparency and consistency when running fixed income attribution analysis.

Money managers using complex strategies to increase gains in volatile markets require tools that can correctly capture and analyze the results of investment decisions. StatPro Revolution enables this by producing prices and risk numbers adjusted for the various cash-flows of many asset classes*. Adding new pricing functions and risk numbers into StatPro Revolution provides consistent analysis across portfolios and almost all asset classes. It also means that portfolio managers have access to all this data from just one vendor.

"StatPro Revolution is the first solution that covers all the data needs for such a vast array of asset classes, providing full coverage of fixed income portfolios with minimum hassle at an unbeatable price point," states Dario Cintioli, Product Director, StatPro. "Transparency has never been as important to the asset management industry as it is today. We have worked very hard to provide transparency by ensuring that our clients understand the impact of their strategies in unpredictable markets with our sophisticated analytical tools."

Separately, StatPro Group plc (AIM: SOG), a global leader in portfolio analytics services, today announces that hedge fund administrator, Quintillion has extended its offering to include StatPro Revolution. This will provide Quintillion's hedge fund clients with performance and risk analytics delivered via cloud-based technology, for the first time.

The transparent reporting features in StatPro Revolution provide insight into how the funds are doing and offers an integrated view of where the performance is really coming from, what is detracting from it, and where the risks lie.

Joan Kehoe, CEO of Quintillion, says: "We chose StatPro Revolution because we recognised the growing demand for cloud-based solutions which offer our clients flexibility and efficiency benefits. Our clients require sophisticated technology in order to meet the demands of today's financial markets."

"Quintillion is known for its technology offering and it is something that we continuously look to enhance. We are now able to pass on the benefits of the best in class technology to our clients. StatPro's model is compatible with ours and slots into our business model perfectly."

Justin Wheatley, CEO of StatPro says: "The rapid adoption of StatPro Revolution by the investment community has a lot to do with the price and functionality of the service. Before StatPro Revolution, many investment managers were unable to afford performance measurement, attribution and risk analytical tools. Our cloud based platform enables them to have access to a market leading service at a compelling price. In turn, StatPro Revolution helps fund administrators to better market services to prospects and clients."

Neil Mackay, Investment Operations, Quintillion goes on: "StatPro Revolution is a killer app enabling us to better market our services to prospects and clients."

Kehoe summarises: "Our asset management clients do not want to spend valuable time on data integration. As their administrator we can ensure the relevant data is in StatPro Revolution, so they can analyse their performance. We look forward to our clients seeing the benefits of using StatPro Revolution." 

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