Doxo introduces mobile QR codes

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Doxo, the all-in-one digital file cabinet and e-payment solution, today introduced its Connect QR Code functionality for doxo providers, enabling businesses that are on doxo to immediately connect with mobile customers simply by featuring a Connect QR code on their documents, including bills, statements, envelopes or promotional mailers.

Customers can utilize the Connect QR code to immediately Connect with the provider on doxo, view the bill or statement, and make a payment, right from their mobile device. The Connect QR code capability comes "out of the box" with the doxo service as a means to help providers increase paperless adoption, and requires no software or IT services for a business on doxo to deploy.

"We joined doxo to expand our customer interaction, increase paperless adoption, and benefit from their rapid pace of innovation. doxo's new Connect QR code provides a simple, straightforward way for our customers to connect with us, from any bill or document, in real time with their mobile device," said Matt Deines, Chief Financial Officer, Sound Community Bank. "It's exactly the type of convenience that we're looking to bring to our customers, and we're able to take advantage of this capability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of developing it independently."

Any business on doxo can place a Connect QR code on relevant materials, immediately turning any bill into a mobile payment connection point and a means to increase paperless adoption. By scanning the QR code with an enabled mobile device, a customer is able to immediately connect with that provider, receive and view their bill into their personal digital file cabinet, and make a payment directly from their personal bank account with doxoPAY. Businesses need not have their own mobile sites or invest in building standalone apps to enable mobile billing and payments with doxo.

"doxo's Connect QR Codes are a great way for businesses to drive mobile interactions with their customers," explains Matt Swain, Associate Director, InfoTrends. "They can simplify the paperless adoption process, enable consumers to pay bills immediately, and reduce processing costs by using a low cost payment channel."

"Mobile is the fastest growing customer channel, but to date has been difficult for many businesses to efficiently utilize. Because of this, it's important that we maximize the functionality of mobile devices to make it even easier for users to connect with their providers, access account documents, and make payments," said Roger Parks, VP of Product at doxo. "The new Connect QR Codes enable businesses to offer this functionality without requiring users to create another biller account or download another app."

The launch of doxo Connect QR Codes follows the launch of doxo Mobile for both iPhone and Android, featuring doxoPAY. Functionality allows users to receive and pay bills from multiple providers with one account in a single app.

In addition to receiving statements and paying bills, customers can use doxo as a free online file cabinet to store documents, manage critical account information and connect directly with the growing list of providers that have joined doxo in the healthcare, banking, utilities, insurance and other sectors. doxo providers include AT&T, Sprint, Puget Sound Energy, Kansas City Power and Light, Sound Community Bank, Oregon Federal Credit Union, Clark County Treasurer, and many other local and national businesses and organizations. Each time a customer connects to a provider, paper mail is turned off completely, and documents are thereafter delivered directly to their digital file cabinet. Documents can be filed, printed, or downloaded at any time, and are securely stored without time limits. Users can set up their free digital file cabinets today by going to, or download the doxo Mobile app for free in the iTunes Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

For businesses, doxo's digital file cabinet and mobile app eliminate the key obstacles consumers cite to going paperless and empowers companies of all sizes to simplify customer interaction, speed collection, eliminate credit card fees, and dramatically increase paperless adoption without expensive software. Businesses on doxo and doxo Mobile typically save 80 percent or more on the average cost of mailing a document and receiving a payment. 

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