Boy Scouts tap Sail by VeriFone for fund raising effort

Source: VeriFone

The Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America is utilizing SAIL by VeriFone to improve troop fundraising efforts during the annual Popcorn Sale.

The Dan Beard Council is distributing SAIL card readers to individual troop leaders who sign up for the program. Those troop leaders are able to instantly sign up for merchant accounts and to assign multiple users to the account so that parents of individual scouts can run card transactions on iOS and Android devices, as well as handle voided sales and refunds, without access to account administrator functions.

"The annual Popcorn Sale is our major fundraiser that helps individual scouts and their families reduce out-of-pocket expenses, provides funding for packs, troops, crews and posts to carry out their activities, and supports the Dan Beard Council that in turn provides resources, equipment and programming for more than 34,000 youth," said Brandon Smith, senior development director for the Dan Beard Council. "SAIL makes it easier for those who support local troops to participate in an effort that builds leadership, confidence, is fun and allows a scout to learn the value of earning his own way."

VeriFone's unique SAIL platform for mobile payments makes it easy for the council and troop leaders to manage fundraising for the Popcorn Sale and future efforts. Troop leaders can access a custom URL on the SAIL portal to enroll, create their merchant accounts, and assign multiple users who will be able to take card payments, but will not be able to change account information.

"The SAIL platform provides non-profits with access to a reseller model that empowers individual units or individuals within their organization," said Brian Hamilton, VeriFone vice president of SMB Commerce. "Our powerful web dashboard makes it easy to assign users, request additional readers, refund and/or void transactions, view all transactions and deposits, add social media links to receipts, and create and download reports."

Each troop leader will receive a free SAIL card reader that can be used across multiple devices that utilize the SAIL mobile app; troop leaders can also request up to 10 additional readers to distribute to parents. Enrolled users will be able to select pre-set prices and pictures for quick and easy sales, and troop leaders will be able to customize their own items for their individual merchant accounts. The council will be able to use its reseller portal to monitor sign-ups and keep track of transactions across accounts.

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