Mint hits ten million customers

Source: Mint

Ten million people are achieving better money outcomes with the help of Since launching almost five years ago, has seen significant growth in both users and engagement, having expanded to new devices and platforms designed to help consumers simplify their financial lives. More than eight million of the current users have registered since the company was acquired by Intuit Inc. (INTU) in 2009.

"As part of Intuit, we've had access to the value of a highly trusted brand plus resources and backend technologies like Intuit Data Services that have allowed us to reach and support a broader customer base," said Aaron Patzer, vice president of product innovation at Intuit and founder of "This helps us to deliver on our promise to provide people with the best possible service and to continually innovate for both the website and's award-winning mobile apps."

Since the acquisition, has added new features based on customer feedback, tapping into Intuit's focus on customer-driven innovation. These features include Bill Reminders, Mint Goals and Manual Transactions to provide users a deeper dive into managing finances.

Mint has also made significant advancements in mobile, through both new platforms and growth, which is changing the way users manage their money on the go. In the last year alone, Mint has added iPad, Android Tablet and Kindle Fire apps, resulting in more than 70 percent of Mint users managing their finances on mobile. Additionally, more than half of new users are coming into the product via their smartphone.

The site's mission has always been to help people understand and do more with their money. With this milestone, the product is helping its 10 million users:

Track more than $80 billion in credit and debit transactions and nearly $1 trillion in loans and assets.
Manage more than two million goals. Top goals include getting out of debt and saving for an emergency fund or retirement.

"Mint was founded to be a fresh and easy way for people to do more with their money, so we're proud to be helping 10 million people ple take control of their finances," said Patzer.'s 10 million customers contribute to Intuit's ecosystem of 60 million customers using products and services like QuickBooks, Quicken and GoPayment to better their financial outcomes. More than 45 million of those customers are using Intuit connected services, which includes software-as-a-service, mobile and other digital services that can be accessed any time, any place.

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