Westpac selects Oberthur as pilot TSM provider

Source: Oberthur

Oberthur Technologies is pleased to announce that its Trusted Service Manager (TSM) Platform is being used by Westpac for a new pilot Android Mobile "NFC" Payment application.

Near-Field Communications or "NFC" is an innovative new technology that allows the wireless authentication and communication between a mobile handset and any contactless payment terminal. With the help of Oberthur Technologies' TSM solution, Westpac's Debit cards can be securely pre-personalised into android handsets fully-equipped with a secure element embedded in the SIM card - meaning there is no additional hardware attachments required. Once the users' virtual Debit card has been personalized on the phone, participants will be able to pay for goods simply by tapping their phone onto contactless payment readers at the checkout.

"Oberthur Technologies is delighted to collaborate with Westpac on this important milestone in the bank's mobile payments strategy. It is one of the first and most recent times where an Australian financial institution is not utilizing bridging technologies such as NFC-enabled phone cases, microSD's, or stickers to facilitate mobile NFC payments" said Roswell Wolff, Managing Director Asia at Oberthur Technologies.

With the proliferation of contactless payment terminals at major supermarkets, retail and fast food outlets in the past couple of years, it won't be long before all Australian consumers will have the convenience and security of making payments, redeeming virtual coupons and offers, and accruing loyalty points by simply tapping their phone on these terminals at checkout. In future, this same NFC technology can also apply to virtual ticketing where users can also tap their phones to access sporting and public venues, public transportation and even enable the secured storing of official ID documents like Passports for example.

Benefiting from 10 years experience in remote administration and a leader in secured personalization; Oberthur Technologies is a trusted supplier to more than 5,000 banks, mobile operators and transport authorities globally and has consistently innovated its solution offerings to answer the needs of the NFC ecosystem. Oberthur Technologies has a track record of more than 30 TSM references around the world.

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