TMX Atrium introduces Moscow-Stockholm connectivity route

Source: TMX Atrium

TMX Atrium, provider of smarter infrastructure solutions for the financial community, today announced new low latency connectivity into Moscow from Stockholm.

The new connectivity path provides access to key data centres in Moscow to enable participants to trade the rapidly growing Russian market.

TMX Atrium's access point at M1 Moscow, increasingly recognised as an important hub for the financial community, gives financial services participants a competitive advantage when trading Russian securities. From M1 in Moscow, TMX Atrium has connectivity back to its point of presence (POP) in Stockholm using a market leading low latency path of 17.7ms.

TMX Atrium has started to connect other Moscow data centre locations back to its Moscow POP offering clients across Moscow the ability to access the TMX Atrium community. Clients already within the TMX Atrium community can immediately benefit from access to venues and clients actively connected to the Moscow market. Equally Moscow-based venues and participants can access TMX Atrium's entire trading community of multiple venues, brokers, ISVs engaged in trading the global markets.

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director of TMX Atrium said, "We are delighted to offer a new low latency route into and out of Moscow to enable investors to exploit this emerging market and benefit from arbitrage opportunities. Investment in the TMX Atrium platform allows us to connect multiple compatible trading participants wherever they are based. With the move of the Russian securities markets to T+3 settlement later this year, we will undoubtedly see additional liquidity and a continuing need for connectivity into Russia."

Emmanuel Carjat, added, "Our venue-neutral platform is designed to enhance and add supplementary routes as clients demand to provide access to multiple markets, regions and venues to trade the full range of asset classes. We recognise that our client base wish to execute arbitrage strategies between key data centres and in line with our expansion strategy, we will continue to refine our connectivity capabilities to match these demands. With the additiodition of Moscow, our network now has POPs located at major financial liquidity centres in 12 countries across North America and Europe." 

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