Fundtech shows off payments platform benchmark results

Source: Fundtech

Fundtech, a market leader in global transaction banking solutions, today announced the results of a benchmark test conducted in conjunction with IBM for a Tier 1 global bank.

The results demonstrate that Global PAYplus Services Platform (GPP-SP) running on an IBM software and hardware stack is able to far exceed the Bank's current and future performance targets for processing mass payments.

Mass payments refers to consumer and business low-value payments (such as ACH or SEPA transactions) that are typically processed in very large quantities, and therefore require a highly scalable system. In the benchmark test, Fundtech's GPP-SP was able to process 20 million payments in under two hours, less than half the time established as the benchmark by the Bank. In variations of the test, GPP-SP processed double and even triple the volumes in the target timeframes.

The benchmark test also concluded that GPP-SP achieved near linear scalability with stable performance. This important performance result demonstrates that the solution is able to effectively process increasing volume with additional hardware, thus providing future growth capability.

According to Gene Neyer, Fundtech Senior Vice President of Global Payments: "These results clearly demonstrate the technical feasibility of banks aligning payments processing infrastructure with the industry trends of consolidation and harmonization of current payment silos. Centralized, high-performance SOA-based Payment Services Hubs allow banks to offer customers a new level of business and functional payment capabilities while reaping the benefits of the highly affordable processing platform." 

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