Corvil boosts latency management system

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of Latency Management Solutions for global electronic trading firms today announced a new range of appliances for its CorvilNet Latency Management System with hardware based on Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture.

The new release will deliver greater than 2X performance increase for the same cost.

Data rates continue to grow exponentially, trade monitoring and surveillance is more important than ever, yet electronic trading firms must fight to manage costs. This new release will enable Corvil's customers to deploy latency management more broadly in their organization.

The new solution delivers twice the processing capacity, allowing customers to monitor greater volumes of market data and client trade flow. The new CNE-7300 appliance can perform full decode and analysis on up to 2 million messages per second. Storage capacity is also more than doubled allowing data to be retained and analyzed for longer periods of time. Data capture rates have more than doubled, and a new auto-compression feature uses spare CPU cycles to compress data which further increases disk capacity and capture rates. The CNE-7300 has an effective storage capacity of 60TB.

This performance improvement is delivered in a smaller form factor with reduced power and cooling requirements, important for all data centers but critically important for co-location facilities where many customers deploy Corvil equipment.

"With these appliances, we've taken the market-leading performance of our CorvilNet platform, and doubled it," said Corvil VP of Product Management, Donal O'Sullivan. "Our customers are looking for enterprise-wide latency management solutions and we believe with this release we have delivered just that." 

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