CreditCall makes mobile payment acceptance offering white label

Source: CreditCall

CreditCall, the payment gateway specialist, is making its mobile Chip and PIN card acceptance solution for smartphones and tablets available to partners and developers worldwide.

CreditCall has been developing its CardEase Mobile payment acceptance application for the past two years, working closely with Visa, a number of global acquirers and mobile phone operators to bring to market a Chip and PIN capable solution. CardEase Mobile is now available to white label or for third party integration.

CardEase Mobile is the first payment acceptance solution for smartphones and tablets, able to process Chip and PIN and magnetic stripe card payments in the UK. It is EMV certified, encrypts cardholder information end-to-end, ensuring it cannot be compromised during transaction and accepts all major UK credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. It is currently being made available to businesses through partners such as Elavon and Sage Pay.

Valerie Dias, Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Visa Europe said: "We are pleased to support the development of solutions that enable secure card acceptance for small businesses that have not traditionally accepted cards. This kind of solution enables that acceptance while preserving the familiar experience of Chip and PIN and all the security benefits that it provides. We are delighted to see the arrival of services that can bring Chip and PIN out of the shop and into the hands of micro merchants. This helps extend the reach and flexibility of EMV and by doing so gives smaller retailers the chance to offer the same level of secure card acceptance that larger retailers can already do."

Sian Bosley, Commercial Director at CreditCall, commented: "There has been a barrage of mobile payment solutions hitting the market recently that all have a major flaw; they aren't able to accept Chip and PIN, which is essential in the UK.

"CreditCall has been working on CardEase Mobile, navigating the complexities of EMV and UK payment regulations to ensure that it has all the certification needed to fulfil all card scheme requirements and provide the most secure and reliable mobile solution possible. We are very proud to announce that CardEase Mobile is now available globally."

The CardEase Mobile solution works in conjunction with a merchant account available from one of our partners. It consists of a payment app for smartphones and tablets and operates conjointly with a Bluetooth enabled PIN pad. 

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