Onebip launches ISP Billing payments with SFR in France

Source: Onebip

Onebip, the mobile payment division of Neomobile, announces today it has successfully launched the "Transparent Authentication" purchase flow for ISP Billing on SFR's new platform.

From today, brands, mobile companies, digital and online merchants - including games publishers, app developers, social networks and dating sites - will be able to sell digital content and services to 5million SFR DSL users with the most frictionless flow available*. The newly released ISP Billing platform by SFR enables "Transparent Authentication" purchases. More specifically, by recognising the IP address of the user accessing the payment page, the user just clicks once to confirm their willingness to proceed with the transaction and the amount is charged directly to their monthly post-paid bill.

ISP Billing is available for selling any kind of digital content, such as access to social network and dating sites, premium subscription to online news and media, access to audio and video streaming, premium content downloads, and virtual goods. Single transactions can be made up to 30 euros while recurring payments are also available on this system, with weekly transaction up to 7,5 euros and monthly transactions up to 30 euros.

Although already live on ISP Billing since 2005 with user and password payment flow, SFR deployed this new flow on a totally new platform and gave Onebip the opportunity to pilot the service and support the launch. The new platform also supports recurring payments, which is a key enabler of some business models utilised by game publishers, social networks and online news companies.

Onebip is the world's leading provider of ISP Billing M-payment services. Over the past years it has built up a profound know-how, managing ISP Billing services for its top merchants on Alice in Italy, and on Orange, Bouygues and Alice/Free in France, becoming the number one provider in terms of transactions processed on this technology in France and Italy.

Today ISP Billing in France is available to more than 20 million Broadband DSL Lines and thanks to the new development of SFR, the Transparent Authentication flow, previously available only on Orange and Bouygues, can be now used by 15million DSL households including SFR's subscribers.

"We are grateful to SFR for selecting us as a key partner for the distribution of this new ISP billing offer and product. Neomobile Group and Onebip in general have since the beginning been very committed into investing in purchase experience optimisation," said Massimiliano Silenzi, Head of Onebip. "Transparent Authentication ISP Billing is just another example of a fantastic frictionless carrier billing-enabled purchase flow. Our top merchants have already seen in just a few hours the incredible benefits of SFR new flow. We can't wait to bring on board our other partners and new ones."

* if the sites meet eligibility criteria 

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