VSoft joins Viewpointe network

Source: Viewpointe

Viewpointe, a leading provider of electronic content management and exchange services, and VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process improvement solutions for financial institutions, announced that VSoft is now a member of the Viewpointe network for exchange services.

This relationship benefits both organizations as they offer their respective customers an industry-leading, expanding network of exchange partners. This also provides VSoft clients with access to a fully integrated and seamless clearing and settlement solution with Viewpointe Clearing, Settlement & Association Services (VPCS&AS) rules coverage, common business practices through a single multilateral agreement, and settlement using the best-in-class National Settlement System.

Through the Viewpointe membership, VSoft clients will have access to three of Viewpointe's principal payment services in the marketplace:

  • Pointe2Pointe - for image exchange services
  • National Settlement System (NSS) - for real-time, Internet-based net settlement system for all electronic transaction types
  • Association Services - providing education and support for all payments network participants

With the Viewpointe deal, VSoft is able to consolidate its clients' exchange activity through a dedicated channel, thereby eliminating the need to establish a complex structure of partnerships and connections with each individual financial institution. An established exchange relationship with Viewpointe allows VSoft to provide each of its clients an economical model for check image exchange and settlement.

Denis Pearson, vice president, program management office and technology partners, of VSoft said, "VSoft's goal, as it has always been, is to partner and grow with our clients by helping them achieve their business objectives. The Viewpointe relationship is yet another example of our commitment to the success of our clients. All of our clients will have the ability to seamlessly exchange and settle through the Viewpointe network."

The Atlanta-based global information and technology provider will be able to extend the Viewpointe services to its more than 1900 U.S.-based financial institution customers. Through Viewpointe's Pointe2Pointe with internet solution, VSoft clients will have a safe, simple and secure platform to connect with other exchange partners.

Tim Coff, Viewpointe president and COO, said: "VSoft provides high-quality services to its clients, and we are thrilled that it has elected to add Viewpointe's payment services. With our easy-to-use integrated clearing and settlement system, VSoft clients will easily be able to conduct image exchange and settle with their partners all in one place. VSoft's more than 1900 clients accessing the expansive Viewpointe network will be able to connect to thousands of endpoints, enhancing the experience for all institutions involved."

Viewpointe offers end-to-end check image exchange, clearing and settlement services for institutions of all sizes. Founded by financial institutions for financial institutions, Viewpointe helps organizations address their check clearing needs through its stable, secure and price-competitive image exchange network. In 2011, Viewpointe exchanged more than 4.5 billion items; our National Settlement System settled $5.8 trillion.

As one of the nation's 17 regional payments associations, VPCS&AS provides education on the latest payments topics and certification preparation for payments professionals. VPCS&AS also offers expert-led ACH audit and compliance services for financial institutions, payments processors and businesses using ACH. VPCS&AS provides industry-level member advocacy and input into the ACH Rules-making process as a voting member of NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association. 

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