Micropross test tool gets EMVCo validation

Source: Micropross

Micropross announced today reception of the validation letter issued by EMVCo, confirming the compliance of their test bench with the "EMVCo PICC Test Bench and Test Cases Requirements" version 2.0.1c.

The goal of this test tool is to make sure a contactless smartcard, or a NFC device that operates as a smartcard, behaves in conformance with the criteria defined by EMVCo. That means, customers using Micropross EMVCo L1 Contactless test bench in their R&D centers can be sure they will obtain the same results they would get at an accredited EMVCo laboratory. Therefore, customers can save time and money, by being able to make in-house validation campaigns, and just go to the EMVCo laboratory to obtain final certification.

Philippe Bacle, CEO of Micropross declared : "Being the first company worldwide to obtain this validation letter is once again the proof of the technological dominance of Micropross on Level 1 related solutions. Our ambition is to continue in this direction, cover more and more specifications, and give better and better test capabilities to our customers worldwide".

Indeed, the EMVCo L1 Analog Contactless test solution is a member of Micropross Contactless Test Station, allowing customers to performance conformance testing of their prototypes with different standards (ISO 10373-6, ISO 10373-7, EMVCo, ICAO, NFC Forum), in a fully automated manner, allowing their users to focus on their business, and not on test procedures.

Micropross is able to supply a full turnkey solution, with all necessary software and hardware elements, and the test process is automated to the maximum possible level, including the control of measurement devices, such as oscilloscopes, amplifiers, and our tester, the MP300 TCL2.

With numerous test solution already deployed at customers such as chip designers, mobile phone makers, and test laboratories, Micropross is proud today of having the widest coverage in terms of contactless smartcards, NFC, and RFID related technologies 

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