NRI to distribute FnGuide research in Japan

Source: Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced a partnership with Korea-based corporate information provider FnGuide to distribute their services to the Japanese market.

As part of the agreement, NRI will begin distributing FnGuide's financial reports in Japan, focused on the activity of Korea's corporations, in August 2012.

Without a reliable way to obtain information about Korean companies, Japanese investors have been hesitant to invest in the South Korean market. NRI will distribute FnGuide's English version of Data Guide, an online financial data service, to provide support for those looking to invest in Korea. Through the agreement, which was signed July 30, 2012, FnGuide will also be distributing NRI's reports on Japanese corporations in Korea with hopes of drawing Korean investors to the Japanese market.

"Investors in the Japanese market are always looking for accurate and unbiased information about the Korean financial landscape," said Shin Kusunoki, Corporate Senior Vice President and Asset Management Systems Division Manager, NRI. "The partnership with FnGuide will foster mutual interest and investment between the two countries, which is a significant way to accelerate Asia region growth."

FnGuide has been distributing and publishing information about Korea's financial institutions since 2000. Their information, compiled and constantly updated by an expert research team familiar with the accounting and securities industry, is trusted and utilized by many of Korea's financial institutions. FnGuide's financial data covers all listed companies within Korea, offering in-depth information and analysis of sales, expenses, profits, assets, and other data to support investment decisions. 

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