Clear2Pay and Fime partner for US migration to EMV

Source: Clear2Pay

Clear2Pay, the international technology provider of next generation payment solutions, and FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, today announce an extension of their partnership to support US financial institutions and processors with a swift and reliable migration to the EMV standard.

Both companies have already been working closely for several years in delivering secure and interoperable payment testing solutions, services and EMV certification assistance in Europe and other EMV territories.

Globally, a significant number of countries[1] have already adopted the technology and many more are in different stages of their migration. With the recent American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa EMV mandates and timelines, the United States' EMV migration project now looks certain. A US adoption of this global payment system delivers many benefits including increased security over magnetic stripe cards, worldwide acceptance of card payments and the ability to launch new added value applications. Moreover, implementing EMV technology will inevitably help accelerate the uptake of mobile and contactless payment applications. However, recent research by ATMIA, the ATM Industry Association, suggests that 75% of respondents do not yet have a clear roadmap for EMV migration or insight into the cost associated with migration.

Ian Kerr, General Manager Clear2Pay Open Test Solutions, comments: "In a country where 'plastic' represents a very high payment volume, EMV migration heavily impacts all touch points across the entire process chain. As the ATM research underpins, it is hard for banks, processors and merchants, to understand the full impact, cost and indeed benefit upfront. Both FIME and Clear2Pay have a track record in supporting EMV implementations around the world and are therefore well positioned to assist banks and processors in this challenging journey with confidence and proven methodologies and tools. Whilst the US migration to EMV is not an exact mirror exercise from expertise in other areas, there are many similar elements and the lessons learned will prove valuable for a US specific track to EMV."

Pascal Le Ray, General Manager at FIME, adds: "This is a challenging time for the US market. By embracing secure-chip payment technology, the US is getting ready to develop and establish an infrastructure that will support next generation contactless payments and NFC services. To ensure optimum return on investment, issuers must understand today's requirements as well as be flexible to future market needs. This is not easy as it is a complex landscape with markets converging to ensure different business and technical models can be successfully and securely implemented. Working with Clear2Pay and FIME, issuers will be guided through the process, reducing product time to market while ensuring the implementation of a sustainable and scalable EMV solution".

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