Exegy Replay deals with data deluge

Source: Exegy

Exegy, Inc., the market data systems company, announced today that it will be releasing a new market data solution that allows customers to easily take charge of their data.

Scott Parsons, chief technology officer at Exegy, said, "Data rates show no sign of slowing down. There is a growing need from regulators, compliance groups, quants, and technicians to have access to raw tick-by tick data down to the nanosecond. This new system, Journal and Replay, allows customers to seize their data by allowing them to both capture and recreate every trade, quote, order book price, update, halt, modify or cancel sent from all the leading exchanges and trading venues."

Recently, big data has become a buzz word filling the market data sphere, but the ever-growing amount of market data is a challenge for all who deal with data. Exegy Journal & Replay brings a sophisticated system and set of tools to deal with the data deluge. The Journal tool includes data storage of several terabytes of disk space that are saved with nanosecond time stamps that indicate the time of packet reception, individual line identifiers, and packet sequence numbers. The Replay tool, on the other hand, allows easy replay of different playback scenarios that can be specified according to particular time and data rate needs, including an accurate replay of microbursts. Scott Parsons sums up the system by adding that it provides "finely organized raw data tailored for ready analysis that combats the problem of dealing simultaneously with big data and microbursts."

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