Nasdaq OMX makes event-driven analytics available at Carteret data centre

Source: Nasdaq OMX

The Nasdaq OMX Group (NDAQ) today announced that data provided by Nasdaq OMX Event-Driven Analytics is now accessible at our state-of-the-art datacenter in Carteret, New Jersey - giving a competitive edge to subscribers of the machine-readable news service by further reducing latency.

Because Event-Driven Analytics data is now available at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center, which houses the industry-leading trading platforms for all NASDAQ OMX U.S. markets, subscribers can act on the information faster.

Event-Driven Analytics, a leading provider of machine-readable economic news, delivers key economic indicators such as Treasury auction results, jobs statistics, inflation data and regional and federal economic data directly from the source in a low-latency, machine-readable format.

"By expanding access of Event-Driven Analytics data to our Carteret datacenter, we are delivering on our promise to give customers more efficient access to the tools needed to compete in the marketplace," said Brian Hyndman, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products.

Event-Driven Analytics is accessible at Carteret through high-speed 10G and 40G Ethernet networks. Subscribers to Event-Driven Analytics can also establish connections with leading financial firms located in the Carteret facility. Additionally, subscribers can receive the information through an approved NASDAQ OMX extranet.

Data from Event-Driven Analytics is also available via the CH2 Equinix datacenter in Chicago, the NY2 Equinix datacenter in New York and the K-Street Coresite datacenter in Washington, D.C.

Event-Driven Analytics can be of significant value to trading firms that incorporate macroeconomic news into their trading algorithms; Market Makers who use machine- readable news for instrument pricing and risk management; institutional investors who seek long-range strategies, liquidity opportunities and target investments and others. 

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