Eze Castle implements .Net technology to automate FIX connectivity


Eze Castle Software, a leading provider of investment management technology, saw tremendous growth in FIX trading among clients in 2003. Eze Castle Software's Eze-Connect FIX trading and support service reported an 81% increase in the number of live FIX connections with sell-side entities. To handle this increased volume of connection requests, Eze Castle Software developed a new secure website with .Net technology to automate the management of the FIX connectivity process.

Destination Station(TM) is a connection and request management tool created to facilitate FIX connectivity management among the buy-side, sell-side, and the Eze-Connect implementation team. Clients and brokers use Destination Station to manage, request, and monitor the status of FIX connections. Destination Station has streamlined the entire FIX connectivity process for clients, sell-side entities, and the Eze Castle Software support and development teams.

Maverick Capital is one new client that implemented Eze Castle Software's Traders Console and Eze-Connect FIX trading in 2003. Maverick uses Destination Station to manage its FIX connectivity for trading. "Destination Station streamlined the FIX connectivity implementation with Eze Castle Software and our sell-side counterparties allowing us to easily manage our request and activation process," says Michelle Perrin, director of fund accounting for Maverick Capital.

"The total number of clients using FIX trading increased 68% in 2003," says David Quinlan, president of Eze Castle Software. "Today we connect to over 170 sell-side destinations. In many cases, we will have a client or sell-side partner with over 50 FIX connections to manage. Destination Station provides both parties the tools to manage the approval, implementation, and management process efficiently. It's one location for all parties involved to receive accurate updates on their FIX connectivity."

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