Corvil working on latency management upgrade

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for global financial markets, today announced a major addition to its Latency Management System.

The new release features a business visibility module titled Trade Lens, Management Reporting, Advanced Deployment Management, and a new lower cost appliance.

The Trade Lens transforms the business visibility offered by the Corvil solution. It presents business users with an intuitive and concise view into key metrics such as fill rate, traded volume, cancel to order ratios, order types, latency profile, and session errors. These metrics can be aggregated over sessions, customers, gateways, protocols, venues or any other user-defined grouping. In keeping with Corvil's ethos to provide a single solution to serve all business units and asset classes, the Trade Lens views are fully configurable and are integrated with Corvil's Role Based Access Control.

With Management Reporting, Corvil has added the ability to create customized reports, containing trading, business and infrastructure information, these reports are emailed directly to the requested recipients. Management Reporting streamlines the creation and sharing of critical performance information with senior management and, where appropriate, with clients and counterparties.

As the technologies and techniques previously concentrated in HFT have become mainstream, trading organisations everywhere have had to acquire new skills and knowledge. Advanced Deployment Management makes the know-how and the experience of complex deployments available to every user of the product. Complex multi-stage correlations are now easy to implement and debug with a new GUI helper, and hundreds of trading protocols will now self-configure.

The new appliance, the CNE-2100, with 4 x 1G monitoring ports, offers the full CorvilNet solution at a significantly reduced price point, without compromise on performance or functionality. The CNE-2100 will allow organisations to upgrade legacy performance management solutions with the Corvil solution at a much improved price point.

"Latency Management, providing the necessary visibiy visibility into high speed trading systems, has moved from being a highly specialised requirement for a niche set of trading shops to become a critically important function for all trading organisations in today's global financial markets," said Donal O'Sullivan, VP of Product Management at Corvil. "With this release we have lowered the barrier to entry to low-latency trading technologies for the broader market. It is now less costly to purchase latency management, quicker to deploy and maintain these trading systems, and simpler to visualise and share the critical business knowledge."

The new release is currently in trial with select customers and will be generally available from 1st September 2012.

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