Brinker Capital signs five year contract With CheckFree Investment Services

Source: CheckFree Investment Services

CheckFree Investment Services, a division of CheckFree Corporation (NASDAQ:CKFR) , today announced that Brinker Capital will run its managed accounts business on CheckFree APL through 2010.

A CheckFree APL client since 1995, Brinker Capital is an investment consulting firm and the nation's leading independent provider of managed account and mutual fund investment services.

CheckFree Investment Services is the largest provider of remote processing services - trading, portfolio management, accounting, reporting services and data - to broker/dealers, money managers and investment consultants.

Brinker Capital currently runs its separately managed accounts and mutual fund programs on CheckFree APL. Separately managed account programs enable investors to directly own individual securities selected by one or more investment managers. Managed mutual fund programs provide investors with a portfolio of mutual funds. Both types of programs are rapidly growing segments within the managed money industry. Brinker Capital also plans to leverage CheckFree's multiple strategy portfolios functionality. Multiple strategy portfolios allow investment styles from multiple managers to be included in a single account.

Brinker Capital is an enthusiastic supporter of the transition of CheckFree APL to CheckFree EPL (Enhanced Portfolio Lifecycle), which the company views as a complementary fit to its web-based business model. CheckFree EPL is web-based and designed with Microsoft(R) .NET technology to deliver superior business, operational and cost efficiencies to broker/dealer firms, money managers and registered investment advisors.

"CheckFree APL has actively supported Brinker Capital's product expansion and growth in assets under management since 1995," said Alex Marasco, CheckFree Investment Services executive vice president and general manager. "CheckFree EPL, through its enhanced workflow capabilities and architectural design that seeks to minimize operating costs, will enable Brinker Capital to further scale its business over the next five years and beyond."

Since its first year on CheckFree APL, Brinker Capital has seen its business grow by assets under management from less than $1 billion to close to $5 billion. Brinker Capital has also increased the number of third-party manager investment disciplines in its programs from less than 25 in 1995 to approximately 95 currently.

"CheckFree APL has been good for our business and CheckFree Investment Services is moving in the right direction with CheckFree EPL," said Tim Henry, Brinker Capital chief operating officer. "CheckFree EPL will be a highly accessible platform for our web-based business. Its intuitive, user interface will greatly speed the processing of updates; we like what we see coming down the pike with CheckFree EPL."

Henry also cited the use of CheckFree APL by numerous separate account managers, many of whom participate in Brinker Capital's programs, as an advantage. "We built the connectivity from our website to CheckFree APL; having the managers participating in our business on their platform makes operational processes run smoothly and efficiently all around."

Currently, CheckFree APL serves as the leading separately managed accounts platform, providing remote processing services to sponsor firms, money managers and financial advisors for the automation of investment management, trading, portfolio performance and investor reporting. CheckFree's open platform enables approximately 80 of the top Wall Street (sponsor) firms and 125 separate account managers to interface with each other, and operate in a straight-through processing environment. Institutional money managers also use CheckFree APL to enter and maintain account data, manage trades and measure portfolio performance.

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