Pay.on moves to new London data centre

Source: Pay.on

PAY.ON AG, a world leading service provider for global payment processing, has switched all operations to its new central data centre in London, setting a new quality benchmark for global transactions.

The performance concept of the new processing hotspot goes beyond today's industry standards. It features interconnected redundant hot spares between two 'Tier 3+' data centre units for state-of-the-art high availability, highest processing performance, as well as free scalability and flexibility thanks to state-of-the-art virtualisation. Internationally applicable PCI-DSS v2 and ISO 27k standards provide the highest degree of data security as well as best risk protection through the use of a DDOS mitigation solution. Connected to London as the most powerful Internet hub in Europe, payment providers now have a processing infrastructure at their disposal that covers every requirement and dimension of modern payment transactions.

PAY.ON AG, operator of the routing gateway 'PayPipe' and the processing platform 'PaySourcing', is aligning its infrastructure towards future demands in the global and dynamically growing payment market at an early stage in matters of productivity, redundancy and service continuity. At the same time, the setup of the data centre optimises the processing of transaction volumes also for major clients in terms of data consistency, latency and security. Decisive in the selection of London as the location for the data centre is its direct and thus uninterrupted connection to the world's high-speed data highways. With the data centre provider TelecityGroup, PAY.ON has one of the most renowned infrastructure partners in Europe when it comes to state-of-the-art and highly efficient IT environments. Accordingly, clients have access to the best possible set-up in every respect.

With the new central data centre in London, the data centre structure of PAY.ON is technology leading in terms of quality, reliability, availability, scalability and security in payment processing. The processing hotspot consists of two entirely physically separate 'Tier 3+' data centres, which are synchronized via permanent and continuously redundant active/active fibre channel connections, including automated real-time failover. The operation setup is hot/hot. As such, both units process in parallel, permitting active volume management and establishing completely failure- and maintenance-free operation. A total of more than 16,000 internal and external monitoring processes safeguard the high availability of all system units. The previous data centre in Germany serves as additional backup (disaster recovery).

PAY.ON services are hosted in an own redundant, highly secured cloud via the new central data centre. The entire server architecture is completely virtualised and thus seamlessly scalable at all times. Storage, memory, and CPU are being triggered automatically when reaching 60 per cent capacity utilization. Due to the flexibility of the set-up, the system can also be duplicated for major clients for their own use upon request. Highest standards also apply to the security concept, which complies with all the requirements of PCI-DSS v2. Among other things, this includes redundantly installed firewalls in all system connections, comprehensive intrusion detection and DDOS mitigation for immediately averting attacks, extensive anti-virus measures in every interface as well as a corresponding multi-layer network design. In addition to PCI-DSS v2, the data centre itself is additionally certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. 

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